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When you come into my office I assess both the written intake forms as well as what you are telling me as we talk and as you answer any questions that I might have. In between the written and spoken words there is a knowing that comes to me, of what may be unspoken or what you may be unaware of, but what is "written" in your energy field. Then, with compassion and the utmost respect for you as an individual, I will begin to bring you into a better understanding of your ailment.

Through various diagnostic means of reading the body such as traditional pulse and tongue diagnosis, applied kinesiology and abdominal palpation, your physical as well as perhaps the emotional aspects of your dis-ease or ailment will be revealed. Laboratory testing and blood work are important and may also be used in the assessment process.

After your ailment is assessed and better understood, I use various "tools" to achieve a healing for you including acupuncture, medical Qi Gong and energy healing, herbs and supplements, allergy elimination techniques, myofascial and deep tissue work, along with dietary and lifestyle counseling.

All in all, you will feel very cared for, your questions will be answered, and you will feel better when you walk out of the office. Most of all, you will have gained confidence that your path to healing has begun.

Your Visit

Client Testimonials

"She is much, much more than just another acupuncturist. She's a highly skilled herbalist, therapist & exceptional healer."

"After each visit, I always felt better, with improved energy and a lighter feeling of well-being. Nancy, with her knowledge, expertise, and experience, presents rays of sunshine through the clouds."

"Her work on my neck has made me able to regain full motion and live without pain."


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