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"Nancy has been our family acupuncturist for eight years. All of us have our own unique combination of environmental, food and drug allergies that Nancy has been treating us for with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies. The benefits to Nancy’s treatments (higher energy levels, weight loss, stronger immune systems, and decreased stress) have been more than physical. They have contributed to our ability to cultivate happiness in our personal lives and as a family. We have referred dozens of our friends and family members to Nancy for treatment. Whatever your health issues may be, her skill and care as an acupuncturist and a healer is truly special, as she brings a unique, high level of care in treating the whole person."

~ Lillian, Clarissa and Gabriella

"I’ve received acupuncture from Nancy for over ten years, and she’s helped me with everything from colds and/or flu, to cystitis and injuries. Her treatments never fail to make me feel better. Her knowledge of herbs and supplements make her treatments even more effective. Now my whole family considers her our ‘first defense’ for our health. I’d recommend acupuncture, particularly from Nancy Barnett, to anyone."

~ Kathy

"Working with Nancy has changed my life both physically and spiritually. What a wonderful healer!"

~ Sally

"Nancy is so much more than an acupuncturist. She is a gifted and caring healer. For the past 10+ years, she’s given me the tools and treatments to restore and maintain balance in my life, physically and emotionally. She’s provided effective treatment for skin issues, allergies, colds, digestive issues and helped tremendously with stress management. Those who I've referred to Nancy sing her praises as well. Nancy is truly amazing and I'm lucky to have her in my life."

~ Aurie

"As a patient of Nancy’s for over 12 years her treatment sessions have profoundly influenced my healing. The moment I walk into her office I feel a sense of peace and caring. With her intuitive awareness she easily identifies problems that Western medicine misses. I have gained clarity on how the mind, body and environment disrupt the flow of my system. She easily and painlessly has freed me from years of fatigue, food allergies, and digestive problems. My body always feels a sense of harmony and functions with strength, energy and ease after my appointments. Thank you Nancy!"

~ Nicola

"After being treated for chronic fatigue with Western medicine for two years, I was introduced to Nancy Barnett. More than ten years later, I continue to live without chronic tiredness and pain, thanks to Nancy’s Eastern and Western interventions. Her use of acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle counseling has made such a difference in how I live."

~ Lori

"Nancy possesses natural talent as a healer. I recommend her to everyone who requires both short-term and long-term assistance with pain."

~ Terry

"I love Nancy Barnett!! I consider Nancy my Primary Care Physician. Any ailment of mine, from the common cold to back pain is brought to Nancy for consultation, treatment and advice. It never ceases to amaze me when Nancy is able to pinpoint the exact location of where my ailment resides, how long it has been there and its strength by reading my pulse. And she’s always spot on. She is an intuitive and caring acupuncturist who has been able to open a window to the connection between my physical and emotional health in a way I never quite recognized. I feel I have learned a wealth of knowledge and understanding through my over 2 year patient-provider relationship. I drive one-hour to see Nancy because I strongly believe in giving myself the best healthcare available, and I strongly believe Nancy is the best healthcare provider for my physical, mental and emotional needs. Thanks Nancy!"

~ Sejal

"I had tried acupuncture in the past with varying degrees of success. Nancy’s unique blend of allergy elimination, acupuncture, energy work, and herbs has proven fascinating and effective. Nancy treated me for various allergies – some of which I didn’t realize I had – vastly improving my quality of life. She has relieved my lifelong debilitating menstrual cramps. And I can now clean my house without wearing a mask to protect me from severe dust and mildew allergies, which are gone. I have no digestive problems or food cravings, and astonishingly, Nancy’s techniques helped me through emotional trauma that was impacting both my physical health and my personal relationships. Working with Nancy has been a pleasure. She is a gentle, caring, and highly skilled practitioner."

~ Jennifer

"I had been having severe pain and loss of motion in my right arm due to tennis and golfers elbow and arthritis. For 6 months I was unable to work or golf and had trouble just brushing my teeth. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and had a series of cortisone shots to no avail. Nancy was recommended to me by a patient of hers and after seeing her for a few weeks I'm back to work and playing golf again. Thanks, Nancy, you’re amazing."

~ Stephen

"I've known Nancy for over 15 years. She has helped me through many medical problems for which western medicine couldn't help. My first experience was with whiplash, and more recently with chemotherapy related neuropathy. She is much, much more than just another acupuncturist. She's a highly skilled herbalist, therapist & exceptional healer. She will always be a part of my integrated medical team."

~ Deborah

"It was the summer of 2006 when I started seeing Nancy for fatigue, hypo- thyroidism and at that time, a cold. It was the first personal experience that I had with acupuncture. It was one of the best decisions that I made for my health and life. Nancy takes an alternative approach to illness, disease and injuries that are different from a medical doctor. The acupuncture treatments that I received helped my initial health issues tremendously. More energy, thyroid kept in better balance and less frequent colds. Then I hurt my low back. I was working in a job that was very physical and also caregiving for my elderly mom. Nancy started to treat my low back pain and spasms. For me surgery was not an option. To this day, 5 years later, I have not had surgery on my low back and continue to see Nancy, so that I’m able to maintain my active lifestyle. With Nancy’s expertise I’ve been well taken care of over the past several years. She is my go to practitioner. Nancy is kind, compassionate, intelligent and very knowledgeable. Thank you so much Nancy."

~ Chris

"Prayer answered. Starting in 2006, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia every winter. Having shortness of breath, high fevers, a thyroid disorder and a problem with my kidneys was a recipe for exhaustion, depression and wanting to die. For 5 years I wasn’t getting any better. The fevers were awful as was the fatigue! My doctor remarked “There is nothing we can do”. Then I found Nancy Barnett. The fevers were gone in six months. My kidney problem and depression…well, no more problems with that! I’ve been on oxygen for the last year so each week when I see Nancy, she works on balancing and strengthening my lungs, and they are healing. I thank God for bringing Nancy, such a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist, into my life."

~ Samantha

"Dr. Barnett is a healing doctor with a true bedside manner. She listens, takes her time and makes you feel like you are her only patient. Her work on my neck has made me able to regain full motion & live without pain."

~ Christine

"First, let me say, I am a Holistic Healer and have known Nancy for almost three decades. In 1994 I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia (a musculo-skeletal disorder) and had to close my Healing Center. For years I hopped from therapist to therapist searching for one who could work with my ultra sensitive energy system. I was not able to tolerate acupuncture and most other types of body-work left my body traumatized for a week or more. Finally, about 3 years ago, I decided to see Nancy professionally and have her do acupressure instead of acupuncture and whatever else she determined my body could handle. She knew my background and started gently working with me using her Intuition to guide the process. Each treatment was a blessing and I began to feel better and better. Nancy “tested” every supplement and herb I was taking and worked with me to develop a balanced, healthy life program.

She is the first and only healthcare practitioner I’ve found who could work with my system and actually help me get well. I can now tolerate acupuncture and look forward to every appointment. My fibromyalgia symptoms are gone and I once again have a Life. This is not just a testimonial; this is a letter of gratitude! Thank you, dear Nancy, for your healing, loving nature! You’re the best!"

~ Susan

"I have been seeing Nancy Barnett for over 3 years. When I first visited Nancy she helped me with stomach pains that would send me to the Emergency Room. I had the pain for several years. I previously saw a gastroenterologist for tests, and they found nothing to explain my stomach pains. At that point a friend mentioned I see an acupuncturist as I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. My friend was right, and Nancy helped me to lose weight and eliminate that horrible pain that caused me to miss many social events. I owe a lot to Nancy, as she has been my "secret weapon" for being as healthy as I am today…a wonderful acupuncturist."

~ Joanne

"Acupuncture from Nancy Barnett tremendously boosted my energy level and immune system, and helped me maintain balance during a difficult period of my life. After each visit, I always felt better, with improved energy and a lighter feeling of well-being. Nancy, with her knowledge, expertise, and experience, presents rays of sunshine through the clouds."

~ Joyce

"Both of my young boys were born with severe food allergies. Breast-fed, they ate everything I ate with severe digestive reactions. I repeatedly sought treatment through traditional Western means, and my sons’ symptoms were repeatedly misdiagnosed. When my oldest son was three months old, I was recommended to Nancy Barnett. She immediately diagnosed my son’s allergies and began allergy treatments along with acupressure. My youngest son had his first acupressure treatment at two weeks of age after being rushed by ambulance to the ER due to allergic reaction. We are now all able to eat anything we desire with no adverse reactions. Thank you, Nancy!"

~ Sherry

"Nancy, acupuncture, and herbs have helped me tremendously while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. My nausea and other side effects have been minimal and my energy has remained high. Meeting with Nancy also keeps my spirits up. She has a great energy about her and is great to talk to and share things with. She is very knowledgeable about cancer and its different treatments. I can’t imagine going through cancer treatment without Nancy and acupuncture!"

~ Shannon

"I've been a patient of Nancy Barnett's for nearly 5 years after I received a strong referral from another long-term patient. She has been the first and only holistic health practitioner I have been to, and I feel very fortunate to have her in my life. Nancy is effectively my "primary care physician." Whenever I have any kind of cold/flu symptoms, digestive issues, or ailment of any kind, I make an appointment with Nancy and she always helps to create a successful path back to a normal and healthy state. I had a long battle with acne well into my 30’s and she was able to help eliminate it when other dermatologists couldn't. She approaches every health issue with a thoughtful and balanced solution that works best for your body and its needs. I wish every person could have a Nancy in their life. I really don't know what I would do without her."

~ Rupal


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